Social Media in Lebanon

What is Social Media?

Social media In Lebanon is a** web-based** method of online communication. Users have discussions, share information, and create several contents through social media platforms. There are many types of social media platforms, such as social networking sites, wikis, blogs , photo-sharing sites (like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook), instant messaging (like WhatsApp and Telegram), video-sharing sites (like YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram), podcasts, etc…

For personal use, you may use social media platforms to connect with your friends and family, acquire new knowledge about a topic that interests you, and entertain yourself.

For professional use, you may use social media to widen your knowledge in your field and construct a professional community by connecting with many professionals in your field.

Making Money on Social Media

Social media platforms have unlocked opportunities for companies and businesses to make valuable connections with their customers as there are an estimated 4 billion social media platforms users. This allows these companies and businesses to increase their income. Moreover, social media platforms are also used to make money without having to sell any product.

Indeed, through social media marketing, you can expand your reach, interact with social media users, increase the number of your customers, and interact and connect with current and potential customers.

Moreover, you can showcase your products and services and advertise them through social media, and even** generate sales** from them.

Hence there are several ways to make money on social media, including:

• Promoting services and products of your business on your social media accounts

• Selling your digital products on your social media accounts, like our social media store and auction.

• Collaborating with other brands

• Selling rights to your images or digital artwork such as NFTs on your social media accounts

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Social Media Influencers in Lebanon

Lebanon is full of gifted social media influencers and social media specialists that are rapidly growing their presence and rank in the social media world.

Some of these influencers are:

Joumana Accad whose interests are Lebanese food and cuisine and photography. She shares her passion on her social media accounts, specifically on Instagram. She also has a blog called “Taste of Beirut” where she posts about traditional Lebanese food and cuisine.

Anthony Rahayel, who is the founder of No Garlic No Onions (NGNO), provides reviews about International and national travel destinations, bars, cafes, and restaurants on his social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. He also posts culinary videos on his YouTube Channel.

Gino Raidy, who is a biologist, has a blog called “Gino’s Blog” where he discusses and posts about political issues, national affairs, and entertainment with complete honesty. He also has a personal Instagram account and a professional Instagram account for his blog.

Nour Arida, whose interests include sharing fashion talks and daily vlogs with her daughter, is a Vogue collector and fashion buyer. She has a blog called “N for Nour” where she posts about her interests and inspirations. She also has an Instagram account where she posts about her home-life and fashion lifestyle.

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Social Media Importance in Lebanon

Lebanon’s economy decreased by 20% during the year 2020, with another decrease of 9.5% this year. Thus, the country’s economic crisis is the most severe since the mid-19th century.

This is why it is important to rely on social media usage in Lebanon to avoid the economic crisis. Social media platforms are a great way to find social media jobs in Lebanon, such as social marketing jobs and social media majors in Lebanon.

You can do this through social media marketing courses in Lebanon, and of course with the help of social media specialists and experts. Like our courses section.

Social media marketing is a cheap way of digitally marketing your business because there are several advertising tools on all social media platforms which you can use to sell your products or services in a cost-effective way. And fortunately, this can be done without having to use the ad tools to advertise your brand.

Another way to do this is to create your own page on social media platforms, be consistent and keep sharing exciting and relevant content for your customers. Be sure to use the keywords which are the most trending to boost your rankings.

In fact, there are many businesses, bloggers, and social media influencers who haven’t spent a dime on digital advertisements. They just shared good content and made genuine connections with their audience.