Instagram in Lebanon

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social networking service and a free application in which people who are 13 and older can create an Instagram account and post photos, videos, reels, and/or stories. Instagram is available on both iPhone and Android. These photos or videos can be shared with the user’s followers or a select group of friends. Users can also view, comment and like posts, reels, or stories shared by their followers or friends. Moreover, Instagram allows its users to connect and interact with brands, influencers, celebrities, artists, singers, readers, authors, and more through live streaming.

Making Money With Instagram

Since Instagram is also a social media platform, it can help you generate income through sales. Making money with Instagram in Lebanon has become crucial because of the country’s current economic situation.

So, even in Lebanon, there’s a way to make money using Instagram’s social media marketing features. Indeed, with the updated version of the app, Instagram allows you to have your own business to buy and sell several different products and services. Not only that, but it also lets you be an influencer that posts content sponsored by brands and be an affiliate marketer that sells other businesses or people’s products and services.You can also make money with Instagram for your content through tips and ads that you share with your followers.

Instagram can be considered a social marketing platform that helps brands and content creators connect together. However, creators can also monetize tools in “Brand Collabs Manager”, reach out to influencers, or work with relevant brands.

Moreover, if you are an Instagram influencer, partner marketing lets you earn commission from the sales you inspire from your followers.

In addition, if you are a creator who has built a big target audience with your content, you have many ways to earn money on Instagram in Lebanon, such as gated content, subscriptions, and even an NFT marketplace which will be soon available on the app. You can as well share the link to your website in your profile’s bio.

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Why is buying Instagram Followers is okay?

Buying Instagram followers in Lebanon is normal and is actually very common among the Lebanese people. The reason why people buy Instagram followers is to boost their engagement with their followers or other users. By buying Instagram followers, you attract more people to your Instagram account, and thus you increase the audience you have, which in turn means making more money if you are a content creator, an entrepreneur, or a business

Instagram Influencers in Lebanon

There are many Instagram influencers who have made a noticeable impact on their social media accounts and boosted their number of followers because of the content and interests they shared. Here are some of these influencers:

Karen Wazen Bekhazi: Karen is an eyewear stylist and fashion guru who has a website “” to showcase the latter. She shares her content on her Instagram account through photos and videos, and also through live streams.

Dalida Khalil: Dalida is an actress whose acting career started when she was partof a series called Fifty-Fifty in 2007. Since then, she has acted in more than 20 series. In 2012, Dalida won the Murex d’Or Award for Best Rising Actress in 2012. She shares most of her content on her Instagram account where she mainly posts about her lifestyle, news, fashion, etc…

Rami Kadi: Rami is a fashion designer who is the first to launch an NFT on Cardano Blockchain. He shares his designs and collections on his Instagram account and also on his website “[](”

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