Frequently Asked QuestionsHere you can find all the Q&A needed to understand our services
How can i purchase an account?
To purchase an account listed on our marketplace, go to the auction, select the account you want, make sure you are logged in, and then you can find the contact info of the seller there to contact him and break the deal.
How can i sell an account?
To sell an account, you can submit the listing form and we will review your listing before it is live for others to see.
How can i verify my account ownership?
To sell an account, you can submit the listing form and we will review your listing before it is live for others to see.
What happens if i dont't receive the account from the seller?
*DISCLAIMER* We are not responsible as of now of the buying procedure of accounts or if you don't receive the account, SMLebanon is just a hub that connects buyers and sellers in Lebanon.
How can i get the account from the seller?
We highly advise that you meet in person with the seller after you contact them to get the account, in our parts, we make it safe for you that all accounts listed are ownership verified.
Do you take any commissions?
As of now, we don't get any commissions from the seller, so you can put your initial price as it is in our auction.
How to place new order?
Select a service from the dropdown list, add the correct link to your post, choose the amount you want and click on the submit button, your oder will then be proccessed and you can see it in the orders page.
How long until i receive my order?
Orders usually take a short time to arrive, but sometimes they take up to 24 hours.
How to cancel an order?
As of now, you can't cancel an order already sent for proccessing.
What if i've entered a wrong link?
If you added a wrong link by mistake, the order will get cancelled automatically.
What if my likes/views/followers didn't arrive?
If your order didn't go through, please send us a request using out support form and we will investigate, refunds are possible
What are our payment methods?
Our payment methods as of now are: OMT, Whish Money, BOB Finance, Cryptocurrencies, PayPal, Cash Money ($100+)
How to pay us?
To pay us, please contact us on any social media platform or submit a ticket using our support form
What is Partial status?
If status is Partially completed it means system can't give more likes/followers to current page and money automatically refunded for remains likes/followers. Please order in different server in that case.
Do you have any refunds?
We don't refund funds added to SMLebanon, we only refund if the order didn't go through
Do i have to put my account public?
Your social media should be public and not private for you to receive your order